Mission Statement

To provide a superior service to locate buried facilities electronically in a safe and effective manner.

Safety Dig Line Locating Equipment

Safety Dig is located in Whitecourt, we also serve Edson, Hinton, Fox Creek, Swan Hills and Slave Lake.

Since 2001, we have specialized in line locating.  John Misan (president of Safety Dig) also has 15 years of construction experience, and 12 years of operating experience at a sour gas facility near Whitecourt.

John soon realized they had a superior service.  Besides using the best line locating machines available, he was able to use his construction and operating experience to understand each facility, which makes for a better locate. 

With 36 years of experience, it's common for us to find extra buried cables and pipes during secondary sweeps due to our techniques.   Many of our customers have realized the difference and call us first!

If you are doing any ground disturbance, and require pipeline locating services, call us at 780-778-3858 or click here to e-mail us.